The game

OMNIA is a simple, dynamic and funny game, suitable for players of all ages (recommended from 8 years old and up). But OMNIA is also an opportunity to dive into the magical Italian Renaissance, seen through the eyes of one of the greatest geniuses of all times. The purpose of the game is to score more points than your opponents, reaching the objectives “activated” during the match.

What will you find in the box?

city cards

character cards

work cards


invention cards

action cards

Total no. of cards: 92

Discover them all…

How to play?

(It’s easy!)

In the first phase of the match, create your deck according to the strategy you think is best. Challenge the other players to collect more works and inventions by Leonardo, getting help from the famous characters of the time. Always keep an eye on the places of the journey! To collect points you must reach the objectives activated in the match.

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In the first phase of the match each player receives 7 action cards; each will pick 2 and pass the remaining cards to the next player, who will choose 2 more...and so on until all the cards are assigned. In this way each player will be able to compose their hand as they wish.

The table

Place your cards on the table forming 4 decks, one for each type: City, Work, Invention, Character.

Next to the Work, Invention, Character decks leave 3 cards facing up (that will be used in the game).

Next to the City deck leave 1 card facing up (that will be the first objective of the match).

The City cards accumulate and cannot be deactivated!

Now you are ready to play!

The game

The game develops in 6 rounds. During each round each player will have to play an Action card (the seventh card will not be played).

Each Action card provides for a maximum of two sequential actions, indicated by their respective symbols.

Possible actions are: activate a City card picking it from the deck; take a Work, Invention or Character card among the ones on the table; take coins from the bank.

Perform the actions provided for by the action card.

- Some cards have a price! Check the top left corner and pay the number of coins required before picking the card.
- Some cards give you the right to additional actions to perform immediately, marked by their symbol
- Collect the Work and Invention cards based on the colour; according to the activated objectives, it may be convenient to have them in similar or different colours.

End of round

The cards collected during each round will have to be left face up in front of each player. Action cards will instead remain face down.

When a player’s round ends, pick from each respective deck as many cards as you need to fill in the empty spaces left on the table, so as to restore the initial situation.

It is the next player’s turn...
Have fun!

End of the match

At the end of the sixth round each player will sum the points on their cards and the points achieved reaching the objectives (City cards) in play at the end of the match.

The player who has collected the most points wins.
And you can play the rematch now!

Download the rules of the game!

For a more detailed explanation of the game dynamics,
download for free the PDF version of the rules!


Leonardo's life, travel and works. In cards.

A game by
Cristian Confalonieri
Illustrated by
Roberta Esposito

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